520.792.9355  73 East Pennington St. Tucson, AZ 85701

Open 8am-3pm Monday, Tuesday

8am-7pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

5pm-8pm every Second Saturday



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Local. Fresh. Plant-based.


 We are a family owned business that believes in the plant-based lifestyle and works towards producing quality house made vegan food at affordable prices. 

We have been open since May 2015 appreciate all the community and customer support. Thank you!

-Chauncey and Dana

About Us

We are back and open regular hours with our full menu!

We are also in the process of updating our online ordering system, and will be providing delivery through Onda Guey. Please be patient while we make these changes. You can visit their website to place orders until then at OndaGuey.com.  Thank you! 


Urban Fresh strives to provide delicious and visually appealing Whole Food - Plant Based foods to fuel the body in the most efficient and healthy way. We provide quick and easy take away or dine in options that contain no animal products. We use little or no oils, minimal salt and sugar and no processed ingredients. Additionally, some of our produce is locally sourced or organic.